Baby carriers

  • You can start baby wearing your little one from as young as new born.
    Japhethchiara baby carriers are the most womb-like environment your baby could be in, post-birth. 


  • Our carriers are designed for the first year of a child's life or up to 36lbs (16kg).
    Most wearers will get the most use out of it in the first 9-13 months. 
  • Keep a lookout for the following,

    a) is the back panel of the carrier positioned in the middle of your back?
  • b) is baby at the right position? if baby is too low, you find that both wearer and baby will be in an uncomfortable position.
  • c) have you fully covered baby's back?

  • *always adjust accordingly and ensure baby is in a comfortable position before setting off. ensure that the 3 points above are met - back panel of the carrier is positioned in the middle of your back and baby's bottom is not positioned lower than your hips and lastly, be sure to cover your baby's back fully with the carrier.




  • While we do not have any real time, specific guidance for breastfeeding in the Japhethchiara baby carrier, breastfeeding is possible in many positions and mothers have always discovered their own ways to do so, you just have to find what works best for you.
  1. We recommend gentle machine wash, separately with other fabrics. 
  2. Do NOT: dry clean, tumble dry and iron. 
  1. The Japhethchiara carrier has endured the testing required for US certification ASTM F2907 standard and is fully compliant with all the safety measures necessary for baby carriers. The international Hip Dysplasia Institute has also acknowledged the Japhethchiara baby carrier as a hip-healthy product when used as directed. 

  • It's as easy as putting on a T-shirt! 😀
    Be sure to first try it when baby is well fed and in a calm/ happy state and not when they are hungry/ sleepy.

    Important key points you have to take note
    (the rest is as simple as putting on a shirt) 😉

    a) the back panel of the carrier should always be positioned in the MIDDLE of your back so that the wearer will feel comfortable
    b) widely spread the shoulder sashes across your shoulder as much as possible!
    this is to ensure that the baby's weight is evenly distributed & wearer will feel comfortable
    c) baby's bottom should be positioned higher than wearer's hip but lower than wearer's belly button so that baby will be comfortable
    d) baby's back should always be fully covered with the sashes so as to ensure safety and so that baby will be comfortable

    All baby carrier package will come with a how to wear booklet. 

    Watch our tutorial videos HERE.


  1. You should choose the size based on your usual t-shirt size, it is important that you refer to our sizing calculator and size chart. Note that it's normal to feel a little tight when you first put it on, and it does not mean it is too small. The carrier was designed to fit snug against the body. 
  2. If you are still unsure and prefer us to personally recommend a size to you, please contact us directly by email at help@japhethchiara.com.

  3. On each product page, you may view the size chart that is located directly above the "add to cart" option. 

  • Moms & dads should not be using the same carrier unless both parents have the same size. When purchasing the baby carrier, both moms and dad have to follow their own size. We recommend parents to purchase one carrier first accordingly to the size of one parent. After your little one has tried, loved & enjoys being in the carrier, you may come back to purchase your second set. 

  • You may have this sensation of narrowness but the main goal is for the baby to be well maintained against your chest and not being able to make big movements. Do note that you should always choose the baby carrier based on your size and not baby, carriers should fit tightly to evenly distribute the baby's weight and ensure safety. Loose fit is NOT recommended. 

  • If you are still unsure, please contact us at help@japhethchiara.com or on our live chat. 

  1. Take note of these,
    a) is the back panel mesh of the carrier positioned in the middle of your back?
    b) is the baby's bottom lower than your hips?

    If you find that even after adjusting the back panel mesh of the carrier in a way that it is positioned in the middle of your back, and your baby is still below wearer's hips, then it is possible that you may have gotten a slightly bigger size for yourself. If this happens, please contact us at contact@japhethchiara.com 

  • You do not have to purchase a larger size when baby is older when you purchase the right size from the beginning (based on your, parent size), baby will be able to comfortably fit until 36lbs (16kg). 
  1. With the right amount of spandex and cotton together, the fabric is strong and holds its shape very well. Once the wrap is on, you should be able to place your arms in the fabric and stretch it out at least 5 inches. It has great stretch and recovery, and will feel very comfortable once the sashes are spread out according to the instructions. Fabric will not lose its shape or overstretch. 


  1. All orders are shipped within 48 hours (Mon-Fri, excluding national public holidays).
  2. We ship worldwide; all international orders will be shipped by DHL delivery that offers real time shipment monitoring and automatic notifications via email or text. Shipping costs will vary based on your location.
  3. As Duties and Taxes are different in countries around the world, the customer is responsible for fees (if applicable) upon arrival.
  4. For international orders, you can expect a waiting time from 3 to 9 working days (depending on location), you may monitor your shipment directly from the tracking number given either via email or text once we have shipped out your order.


  1. If you have purchased a wrong size and wish to make an exchange, please contact us at help@japhethchiara.com, please do read the exchange conditions in the exchange conditions section. 


  1. Your exchange will only be confirmed when you email us, and upon our reply. All additional shipping fees will be borne by the customer. Customers are advised to mail returns via a mode of delivery that allows tracking, the responsibility of the package delivery is held upon the customer. Japhethchiara will not be liable for lost deliveries. Once we have received the returned products, we will evaluate the condition, reprocess them and proceed with closing your request by sending out the requested size within 3-5 working days.

    Please mail the return products to the following address:
    160 changi road 

  1. Exchanges that do not meet the exchange conditions will not be eligible for exchange and will be declined.
  2. Merchandise must be in its original brand new, in a complete set as received, not washed or altered and in resalable condition.
  3. Exchanges are only valid for size. Exchanges are not valid for different designs.
  4. Only a one-time exchange is allowed. 


  • Yes! Because the carrier is so lightweight, making it seamless to pull on & as easy as putting on a T-shirt - you can easily fold and tuck it nicely right into itself or into our friendly little pouch that is provided as a set. 
  1. Oops! Unfortunately, we are currently available only online. However, you may chat us up on our live chat should you have any queries and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We can also be contacted via email at contact@japhethchiara.com.