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You love your little one to bits. 
But let's face it - it's exhausting to have to carry them with your arms all day. 
Sometimes you want a break.
Even if it is only for 20 minutes, to use your phone, or to drink a cup of coffee.
But the moment you put your little one into his cot, he cries.
He does that because he doesn't feel your presence.  

And we are back at it, carrying and trying to soothe him.
As with life, we always look for alternatives that can help us feel better and live better.
Instead of trying to rock him with your arms,
why not try babywearing him with our lightweight baby carriers?
You can go about doing your stuff while he slowly calms himself in the carrier,
being all snuggled and close to you. 
Life is only going to get easier from here! 
Stop doing everything yourself,
let our carriers help you feel, and live better from here. 
In a lightweight and snuggly baby carrier,
your baby feels like they are back in the womb, all cuddled up.
With a strong sense of security and comfort, they calm themselves to sleep.
All while hearing your heartbeat.
Imagine how they would feel?
When babies feel secure, calm, and great, they stop fussing.
With a calm baby, you get to focus on the stuff you need to or take that break you always wanted. 
Stop hesitating because we are so sure your little one will love the carrier you are getting today!
And when your little one is happy, you will be happier too! 

Babywearing redefined, fuss-free, and seamless. 
Say goodbye to complicated baby carriers! 
No knots or fuss, as easy as putting on a shirt! 
Designed for up to 38lbs (18kg).
Most wearers will get the most use out of it in babies' first year. 
Our carriers are made with a mix of polyester & cotton with spandex. 
With the right amount of spandex and cotton together, the fabric is strong and resilient and holds it's shape very well.
And because babies skins are so sensitive, our colorants are natural,
and our dyes are plants-based or water-pigmented and conform to oeko-tex 100 standards.
All of our baby carriers are ASTM F2-907 compliant
and has been acknowledged as "hip-healthy" products by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. 
To get the size guide, refer to our sizing chart.
If you prefer us to advise you, hop over to our live chat and drop us your pre-pregnancy height & weight details. 

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