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Find Your Carrier Size

Please choose the size of your carrier based on your pre-pregnancy clothing size, rather than your baby’s age or weight. However, if there is a weight difference of over 10kg (22 pounds) postpartum, please opt for a larger size. Dads should select their regular T-shirt size.

We’ve incorporated valuable customer survey data to enhance our size chart accuracy, making it easier than ever to select the right size for you.

Note that it’s normal to feel a little tight when you first put it on, and it does not mean it is too small. The carrier was designed to fit snug against the body, and the main goal is for the baby to be well maintained against your chest and not be able to make big movements.
The carrier should fit snugly to distribute the baby’s weight and ensure safety. Loose fit is NOT recommended.

If you are between the sizes, choose the larger size only if:

A) Your bust size is bigger than a D cup,
B) Your pre & post-pregnancy weight difference remains over or more than 15kg/33lbs.

Women: We recommend choosing a size based on the wearer’s pre-pregnancy weight.
Men: Based on weight.





40 - 46
88 - 101


47 - 55
102 - 121


56 - 70
122 - 154


71 - 99
155 - 219


100 - 125
220 - 265


Can mom and dad share the same carrier?

To ensure that both parents and baby are comfortable and safe while using the baby carrier, we recommend that parents do not share the carrier unless parents are of the same size/weight range.

If you purchase the carrier based on one parent’s size, the other parent may experience discomfort due to the poor fit. If you purchase a size in the middle for both parents, both may experience discomfort.

Most importantly, choosing a larger size carrier is not recommended as it can compromise the baby’s stability and safety.

We recommend parents purchase one carrier first accordingly to the size of one parent. Once your baby has tried and enjoys his time then consider making an additional purchase in the other parent’s size.

If you’re looking for a carrier that can be shared between parents or family members of different sizes, you may look at our adjustable series that fits from sizing ranges of S to XL.

Our adjustable series are fully adjustable, making them a great option for those with postpartum body changes or for families with multiple wearers.

To learn more about the adjustable series, click HERE or find the tab under “Baby Carriers [Adjustable]“.

Carrier feels very tight!

It’s important to ensure that the carrier fits quite tightly to evenly distribute your baby’s weight and ensure their safety without allowing them to make big movements and are well maintained against your chest. We don’t recommend a loose fit since it can be dangerous and put undue strain on your back.

If you’re still unsure, please contact us via email at so we can personally check the fit.