Why is it recommended to get your little one an anti flat head pillow?

👉🏻 Your little one’s head and neck are the most delicate part of the body. Therefore, it is always recommended to ensure that the head and neck area are well supported.
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Did you know?

Why is it recommended to get your little one an anti flat head pillow?

Babies with flat heads experience difficulties in sleeping while breathing? This is because they can’t move their head on a bed or cot level surface. An infant head pillow can help level the baby’s head and give him a peaceful sleep without having the baby lie flat on a firm surface all the time.

So while the Japheth Chiara baby pillow shares many similar features with the baby pillows on the market – a significant difference is in the plasma cell structure of the material (aka how it’s made).

😊 This difference can be felt and seen literally. When washed, the Japheth Chiara infant baby pillow forms back into the shape immediately.

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Customer Reviews

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Rachel Tan
Infant baby pillow

My son loves the pillow! It’s not too high for his neck and has a slight indentation in the middle to prevent flat head. Material is soft and cooling too.

Summer Blanket

Finally found a blanket my daughter's willing to cover to sleep 😭 thank you for the amazing product!!!

Anti-flat head infant pillow

Before getting japhethchiara infant pillow, i notice that my newborn has the tendency to sleep with the head turn to the left. which worries me alot as it might cause the left side of her skull to be flat in long term as newborn skull is still so soft.

Attaching photos of how japhethchiara infant pillow has managed to allow baby to sleep facing upwards properly. AND many people has commented that my baby has nice round head 🙊

Joyce Wang
Infant baby pillow

Loving the infant baby pillow! It’s structured but soft and comfy enough for my baby to use. Like that it is cooling as well! Worth buying it

Ilona Jenaton
Infant Baby Pillow

Japheth Chiara Infant Baby Pillow feels so soft and cool to touch. Pillow is of perfect thickness too. Very comfy for babies.