These anti-reflux baby loungers are designed & made for busy, tired moms like you to help make life with a baby with reflux so much easier.

If you’re a busy, tired #newmom saying, “My baby spits out milk after each feed,” “I have so much to do, I need to have the milk bottles washed and sterilized, but I can’t put him down straight after feeding!” OR “I need to pump the rest of my milk out, but I can’t if no one is around to help because I have to carry the baby!” then you’ve stumbled across the solution for you.

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There is so much to do as a new mom, especially after babies feed. Be it for breastfeeding/ or formula-feeding moms, the number of stuff to do/clean up after feeding feels never-ending.

It can be tiring and tedious…
😳 having to still pump the rest of the milk out and/OR…
😳 to have to wash up and sterilise those milk bottles

And cleaning up after your little one milk spit-up is NOT something you’d like to add to your #TODO-LIST.

It ain’t easy.
One feed zaps up so much energy out.

😳 Feeding
😳 Burping
😳 Holding baby upright for 20 minutes to prevent spit-up

We get how exhausting it can be – this is why the anti-reflux baby lounger is developed, and you’re guaranteed a solution.

Introducing the… JAPHETH CHIARA

Made with 35% hemp and 65% silk, moms can benefit from quickly moving on to the next tasks without carrying little one with bare arms after each feed while the little one is guaranteed a soothing and relaxing time.
In a soft and incredibly smooth baby lounger, your baby is literally – lounging in silk; your baby feels the cooling effect that can help cool him down and keep him cozy. Since silk is temperature regulating, it absorbs any excess heat and disperses the right amount of warmth to keep body temperature at a comfortable level.

Imagine how it feels…

 🙌🏻 to be sure of no reflux when baby is in an elevated reclined position and no need for clean-up from reflux

 🙌🏻 to have baby lounging in an unbelievably soft baby lounger that puts baby into a soothing and relaxed mode, calming themselves to sleep

🙌🏻 to get more MOM ME-time when you finish up sooner and have your little one already in a relaxed and calm mode, ready to nap

You bet it would feel pretty damn good.
And how do we know this?  😳
Because we’ve served thousands of moms who’ve shopped with us
and shared how much…
🎉  more freedom they had being hands-free with our products
🎉  less stressed and overwhelmed they felt
🎉  easier it was to put baby to nap

And this?
It’s made to do the EXACT same thing for you.

Our anti-reflux baby lounger has been designed for busy moms (& dads!) in mind and for your little one’s comfort.

With its 65% silk blend, babies feel calm and relaxed when on it; imagine sleeping on silk sheets – that’s how your baby feels! And because it is incredibly soft, when your little one is in the anti-reflux lounger, they fall asleep comfortably and quickly.

💡 Silk reduces the friction on babies’ skin and is also perfect for sensitive skin as they are naturally hydrating, temperature regulating, and hypoallergenic.

Here’s how you know this is the perfect choice:

👉🏻 Your little one tends to get reflux/milk spit up after feeding.

👉🏻 You want to be able to quickly put your little one down, so you can do what you have to.

👉🏻 You want your little one to be calm and relax, AKA chilling on his own without fuss while you do the post-feed clean-up.

👉🏻 You prefer a durable and incredibly soft bed for your little one than one he fights and struggles to be in.

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Questions? Here’s some answers!

What age is the anti-reflux baby lounger suitable for?
Babies from newborn to 18 months old can use the baby lounger.

What material is the anti-reflux baby lounger?
Hemp silk blend. The hemp/silk blend combines the softness and breathability of silk with the durability of hemp. hemp is one of the most durable fabrics out there, while silk? One of the most luxurious and silky soft fabrics ever. This composition allows the fabric to last long enough for years yet be soft and breathable for babies’ skin.

How do we wash & care for the anti-reflux baby lounger?
The anti-reflux baby lounger is suitable for both machine and handwash. For machine wash – we recommend using gentle short wash cycles. Do not tumble dry or bleach.

Is the anti-reflux baby lounger machine washable?
Yes! The baby lounger is machine washable. Each set also comes with a removable cover, so you may either wash the cover only or wash the cover and the lounger.