Say goodbye to carrying a baby in your arms all day 👋🏻

This carrier gives you the help you need to stop feeling like an #OVERWHELMED mom, running all over places trying to do SO MANY things all at once with your baby in your arms. These carriers are designed & made for busy moms like you to soothe & calm your babies hands-free.

If you’re an overwhelmed, busy #newmom saying, “I need some help,” “My baby wants me to carry him all day!” OR “I put him down, he cries! 😖 ” then you’ve stumbled across the solution for you.

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We know you love your little one to bits. But it’s exhausting to carry them with your arms all day.

😳 Some days, you feel guilty when you’re tired and impatient…

😳 Some days, you are worried if babies are all this clingy or if it’s just your baby.

😳 Some days, you want a short break to reply to a message or an email, but the situation does not allow it because the moment you put your little one in his cot or away from you.. he screams.

FACT: He does that simply because he does not feel your presence. #truthbomb 💣

As with life, we ALWAYS look for alternatives that can help us feel better and live better.
Instead of rocking him with your arms, why not try babywearing with our fuss, buckle-free lightweight carriers?
Introducing the...



In a lightweight and snuggly baby carrier, your baby feels like they are back in the womb, all cuddled up... with a strong sense of security and comfort, they calm themselves to sleep.

Because we've served thousands of moms who shared how much...

You bet it would feel pretty damn good.
And how do we know this? 😳

Because we've served thousands of moms who shared how much...

🎉 more freedom they had being hands-free
🎉 less stressed and overwhelmed they felt
🎉 easier it was to put baby to nap

And this?

It’s made to do the EXACT same thing for you.

More love notes about the

A MUST to have!!!

Bought this recently just to try on my baby. Im surprise that she love this carrier. She has been smiling all d way when I carry her wearing it. Material not hot and it's super airy and comfortable to wear especially for my baby as she sweat a lot.. oh my!!! im in love with the colour. Compliment alot with my outfit on daily

Just want to update you that I have received the carrier and it fits perfectly. I love it! Really appreciate your assistance and guidance. You have a good week ahead!

Hi Eunice,
Thank you so much for the tip! Took a few tries, but managed to expand the flaps properly and it works fine now! Baby took a 1 hour nap in it (which is super rare and refuses to be put down) while I had lunch and did some work 😊 Am recommending to friends!

One of the best baby carrier in the market

It's so easy to use, very comfortable and the fabric is breathable. The minute our baby gets fussy we'd wear her in this carrier and she'll sleep within minutes. My husband and I are about the same size so we both benefit from it ❤️

Loving this mesh carrier ♡

Received item in good condition ♡ Just tried with my 2 months old & she's loving it.

100% recommended

I’m a new mom so this shd be the perfect carrier if u were lazy to push ur stroller when u go out just awhile and can carrier ur baby while doing all the house chores

SteffiConvenient and comfortable

Bought JC carrier during birthday sale as it also came in my favorite colour. The carrier is definitely time saving to be worn & very comfortable for my son to fall a sleep. Suitable for SG’s weather especially when

100% recommended

I love this carrier so much! It works amazing for my son. Whenever he fuss, I put him in and he stops fussing. My husband found it so amazing that he got one for himself now. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

A baby and mum friendly baby carrier

This is my first purchase from Japheth Chiara and I am so in love with it. The fabric is lightweight and soft to the skin which makes my baby falls asleep really quickly. Comes with a pouch to keep the carrier and sash which I find it organised.

Best one in the...

Best one in the market. I have recommended this to many of my friends who have since bought one

Really convenient and lightweight...

Really convenient and lightweight to wear my clingy baby around the house. I hope my baby still fits in the carrier when he grows bigger. Definitely a must-have especially if your baby lives in your arms (like mine).

Our lightweight baby carrier has been designed not only for busy moms (& dads!) in mind but also for comfort and style.

It's easy to wear - like how you would put a T-shirt on, there is no need to worry about uncomfortable buckles or difficult knots to tie. Because it is so lightweight, when your little one is in the carrier, they fall asleep in it comfortably and quickly 🤩

Here’s how you know this carrier is a perfect fit for you:
👉🏻 You’re a busy mom who often feels OVERWHELMED with a never-ending to-do list.
👉🏻 You want the FREEDOM to use your hands, but your baby still needs to be carried
👉🏻 You want to be able to put your little one to nap fast because you’d like to sneak in some ME TIME for yourself.
👉🏻  You prefer a LIGHTWEIGHT carrier over a bulky one – as a mom, you’re already juggling a lot, and adding a heavy carrier to the mix isn’t what you need.
If you’ve just checked these off, then know that this carrier is made for YOU.


Choosing the right size might seem complex, but fret not—finding the perfect fit can be straightforward!

Since 2019, we’ve been catering to mothers in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, and the United States. Throughout this time, we’ve diligently enhanced our size chart, continuously testing to ensure optimal accuracy. As of 2020, our exchange rates have significantly improved, boasting an impressive accuracy rate of up to 99%. If you still have reservations or would like personalized assistance with sizing, feel free to reach out to us at – providing your sizing details. 

Payment & Shipping

All orders are shipped within 48 hours, Monday to Saturday. We are based in both Singapore and Malaysia and operate based on SGT.

We ship worldwide; all international orders (out of Singapore and Malaysia) will be shipped by DHL delivery, which offers real-time shipment monitoring and automatic notifications via email or text.

We currently ship free for orders above S$50. However, for orders below S$50, shipping costs will vary based on your location.

Returns & Exchanges

Returns must be requested within 5 days from the date of the item shipped.

Exchanges are allowed if you purchase the wrong size. Requests for exchange must be made within 4 weeks from the date of the item shipped.

For detailed terms & conditions for returns & exchanges, you may click on the FAQ tab.


Questions? Here are some answers!

How old can I start babywearing? Is the carrier suitable for newborns?

You can start babywearing your little one as young as a newborn. Japhethchiara baby carriers are the most womb-like environment your baby could be in post-birth. Our carriers are designed for the first year of a child’s life, or up to 35lbs/ 16kg.

Am I able to breastfeed the baby inside the carrier?

While we do not have any real-time, specific guidance for breastfeeding in the JaphethChiara baby carrier, breastfeeding is possible in many positions, and mothers have always discovered their own ways to do so. You may have to find what works best for you.

How should I care for my baby carriers?

We recommend gentle machine wash, separately from other fabrics. Do NOT: dry clean, tumble dry or iron.

Is it possible for the fabric to overstretch and lose shape?

Our fabric has been meticulously designed and rigorously tested to address the distinctive requirements of providing both the optimal elasticity & rigidity necessary for supporting a baby. The fabric will naturally stretch, adapting to the wearer’s body shape as well as accommodating the increasing weight of the baby.

However, it is important to note that there is a predefined limit to the stretch of the carrier, ensuring the stability and functionality of the baby carrier are maintained.

Do JaphethChiara baby carriers meet standards?

The Japhethchiara carrier has endured the testing required for US certification under the ASTM F2907 standard and fully complies with all the safety measures necessary for baby carriers. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has also acknowledged the Japhethchiara baby carrier as a hip-healthy product when used as directed.

Can the JaphethChiara carrier hold twins?

The Japhethchiara baby carrier is specifically designed to accommodate the carrying of a single baby each time. We do not recommend carrying two babies at once.

What comes with the baby carrier?

Each baby carrier package includes the main baby carrier itself, an additional sash designed to be tied around the wearer’s waist for added support, a convenient small pouch for storage, as well as informative booklets providing instructions on the proper and correct usage of the carrier.

Do I need to buy a bigger size when the baby is bigger?

As the baby’s weight increases, the fabric containing spandex will naturally stretch to accommodate their growth. It is recommended to initially purchase a snug size that accounts for this stretching, as it allows the carrier to adjust as the baby grows.

It is important to note that we do not recommend buying a size larger than your usual size. Doing so may result in the carrier being pushed down as the baby’s weight increases, rather than providing a better fit for the baby.

What are the differences between the carrier types?

The difference between the mesh version and the standard is in the material. Mesh is made mainly with polyester while the standard is made with a mix of polyester AND cotton.

How do I choose my size?

To ensure the best fit, we recommend selecting the size based on your usual t-shirt size. 

Please note that our carrier was designed to fit snugly against the body, so it is normal for it to feel slightly tight when first worn.

If you still feel uncertain about selecting the right size, we are more than happy to assist you. Please contact us directly via live chat or through email at for personalized size recommendations.

Can mom and dad share the baby carrier?

To ensure that both parents and the baby are comfortable and safe while using the baby carrier, we recommend that parents do not share the carrier unless they are of the same size or weight range.

If you purchase the carrier based on one parent’s size, the other parent may experience discomfort due to the poor fit. If you purchase a size in the middle for both parents, both may experience discomfort.

Most importantly, choosing a larger size carrier is not recommended as it can compromise the baby’s stability and safety.

We recommend that parents purchase one carrier first, according to the size of one parent. Once your baby has tried and enjoyed his time, consider making an additional purchase in the other parent’s size.

If you’re looking for a carrier that can be shared between parents or family members of different sizes, you may take a look at our adjustable series that fits in the sizing range of S to XL.

Our adjustable series is fully adjustable, making it a great option for those with postpartum body changes or for families with multiple wearers. 

Carriers feel very tight!

It’s important to ensure that the carrier fits quite tightly to evenly distribute your baby’s weight and ensure their safety without allowing them to make big movements and be well maintained against your chest. We don’t recommend a loose fit since it can be dangerous and put undue strain on your back.

If you’re still unsure, please contact us via email at so we can personally check the fit.

Shipping and taxes ETC

All orders are shipped within 48 hours, Monday to Friday (excluding public and national holidays).

We are based in Singapore and Malaysia and operate based on SGT.

We ship worldwide; all international orders (out of Singapore and Malaysia) will be shipped by JANIO, ARAMEX or DHL delivery, which offers real-time shipment monitoring and automatic notifications via email or text.

We currently ship free for orders above S$50. However, for orders below S$50, shipping costs will vary based on your location.

As duties and taxes differ in countries worldwide, the customer is responsible for fees (if applicable) upon arrival.

For international orders, you can expect a waiting time of 3 to 9 working days (depending on location); you may monitor your shipment directly from the tracking number given either via email or text once we have shipped out your order.

I bought the wrong size; can I do an exchange?

You may request a size exchange within 4 weeks of receiving your order, provided the tags remain intact. Please note that the exchange is valid only once.

Drop us an email at with the following detailed information to quickly process the exchange:


Order ID:

The current size you own:

The size you want to change to:

If you’re unsure of your correct size and prefer a fit check before proceeding with an exchange (recommended!) please email us with the following information as well as a photo of you wearing the carrier with your baby inside:


-Before pregnancy weight

-After pregnancy weight

-How many weeks/ months postpartum are you

Customer Reviews

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Game changer ! ❤️

Absolutely love everything about it! I’ve been searching for a baby carrier for quite some time and this design made me place the order without second thought! It is so pretty and comfortable !

Secure and stable!

Love that it is really easy to use. It feels really snug and stable when I carry my baby in it. Best part is that it's secure, & frees my two hands to carry things! 😊