Say goodbye to restless nights & fussy sleep routines 👋🏻

These specially designed toddler blankets are designed and made for busy, tired moms like you to help make life with restless sleepy toddlers so much easier.

We get how exhausting it can be for moms like you when the little one resist bedtime, whether it’s the temptation of watching one more episode of “Peppa Pig” or the allure of Youtube unboxing video, getting your toddlers to bed can be a challenge, especially after a long day of their happy, energetic antics. And this is why the toddler blankets is developed, and you’re guaranteed a solution.

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Crafted using arc-cool technology, these blankets are designed to provide a soothing comfort and cooling experience.

Our revolutionary material remains cool to the touch, absorbing excess body heat and efficiently dissipating it to the surrounding environment.

This ensures that your child enjoys a refreshing and cosy sleep every night, maintaining the perfect body temperature throughout.

Imagine the bliss…

👉🏻 to have your little one eagerly looking forward to bedtime every night, excited to cuddle up in their favourite blanket

👉🏻 of having your little one experiencing the soothing sensation of a perfectly cool blanket, drifting into a deep and restful slumber

👉🏻 of having your little one sleeping through the night peacefully, with no more tossing and turning due to overheating or uncomfortable warmth

You bet it would feel pretty damn good. And how do we know this? Because we’ve served thousands of moms who shared how much…
🎉 more freedom they had being hands-free with our baby carriers and baby loungers
🎉 less stressed and overwhelmed they felt
🎉 easier it was to put baby to nap.
And this?
It’s made to do the EXACT same thing for you.

Our toddler blankets are designed with busy parents and restless sleepy toddlers in mind. The arc-cool technology keeps your toddler cool throughout the night, providing that cuddled-up and cozy feeling without any warmth! 

It’s like sleeping on cooling sheets! With advanced cooling properties intelligently designed to suppress the rise in body temperature, our blankets ensure that your little one stays cool and comfortable all night long.

Here’s how you know our toddler blankets is the perfect choice:

👉🏻 Your little one often tosses and turns due to feeling warm or uncomfortable from scratchy blankets or sheets.

👉🏻 You want your little one to sleep comfortably and stay cool throughout the night without relying solely on air conditioning, as excessive air conditioning isn’t ideal.

👉🏻 You want your toddler to be excited for bedtime, simply by saying, “Come! Let’s cuddle up in your favourite cooling blanket,” and watching them eagerly rush for bed with their blankets in hand.

👉🏻 You prefer a cooling blanket over a warm or scratchy one that your little one keeps pulling away from.

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Customer Reviews

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Best Blanket Ever

Mad love for this blanket as it is just so so sooooo good!!
It is cooling to touch which is what I really like about it as my son heats up very easily. He actually fell asleep during mid-diaper change (non-aircon environment) cause lying on the blanket felt super comfy for him. What's even better is that the colours of the blanket are pretty too. Have purchased a total of 10 blankets over 3 separate occasions to share the love with my family. Good to note, every single one of them love it! My mummy friends who were brainwashed to buy the blanket are loving it too! Can't wait for adult sized blankets to be launched.